As we continue to learn more about COVID-19 and as the recommended precautions continue to evolve, we are finding ourselves in an unusual position.  Our core values and personal preferences are to meet with you and provide in-person service, however, we must take the advice from health organizations and those with whom the expertise lies.

We have decided to make the following changes to our previous position on return delivery and in-person visits to our office:

  • If you have already delivered your documents to us: Completed tax returns will only be handled by mail or electronic delivery. If you have already left your information with us for service, we will contact you once your return has been completed to determine your delivery preference.  Please know that these are not new processes for us.  We have provided these services to clients for several years with great success.
  • If you need to deliver your documents to us: We continue to highly recommend electronic or mail delivery of your tax documentation. For in-person drop off, see item three for detailed changes to this process.
    1. Electronic delivery– E W Moore & Company offers a secure client portal where documents can be exchanged.  With this option, you will be able to upload documents into a personal account we create for you.  Once your tax return is completed, we will upload your return along with related documents (efile authorization forms, payment vouchers, estimated payment vouchers, etc.) to that folder.  You will be able to download and print/save as needed.  If you would like to proceed electronically this year, please email your request to info@ewmooreaccounting.com.  You will receive communication on the next steps once that request has been received.
    2. Mail delivery– You are welcome to mail us your tax documents via your preferred carrier.  Once your return has been completed, we will mail your return along with any related documents (efile authorization forms, payment vouchers, estimated payment vouchers, original documents, etc.) back to you via USPS Priority mail at no additional cost to you.  Our mailing address is 9671 Sliding Hill Road, Suite 203, Ashland, VA 23005.
    3. For those who need to drop off their information and feel the only option is to visit our office, you will be asked to slide your information under the door. When dropping off, please make note of your preferred contact information and any notes that you need for us to know.

It is still vital to us that your questions be answered and to provide guidance as needed.  However, those discussions will now be done through scheduled phone calls. We will not be holding in-person meetings.  If you would like to schedule a phone meeting, please call Judy at 804-266-8846, ext. 2 or email info@ewmooreaccounting.com.

Service, Community and Presence are the words represented in our core values.  This request comes with such mixed emotions.  We value our opportunity to be present with you in-person each year.  However, it is also our responsibility to care for and support our community.