Covid-19 Response

We take our relationship with you, our clients, very seriously.  You are a valued member of our community.  It is in that vein and in accordance with our core values, that we must take steps to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for you and our staff.  Tax season brings the joy of seeing so many of you in person; however, it also significantly increases the amount of traffic to our office.  Therefore, we are highly recommending the following alternatives for the delivery of your tax documentation to us and receipt of your completed tax return.

  • Electronic delivery – E W Moore & Company offers a secure client portal where documents can be exchanged. With this option, you will be able to upload documents into a personal account we create for you.  Once your tax return is completed, we will upload your return along with related documents (efile authorization forms, payment vouchers, estimated payment vouchers, etc.) to that folder.  You will be able to download and print/save as needed.  If you would like to proceed electronically this year, please email your request to  You will receive communication on the next steps once that request has been received.


  • Mail delivery – You are welcome to mail us your tax documents via your preferred carrier. Once your return has been completed, we will mail your return along with any related documents (original documents, efile authorization forms, payment vouchers, estimated payment vouchers, etc.) back to you via USPS Priority mail.  Our mailing address is 9671 Sliding Hill Road, Suite 203, Ashland, VA 23005.


If you are uncomfortable with these options, we will continue to provide in-person service with steps taken to minimize risk to you and to our staff.

Service, Community, and Presence are the words represented in our core values.  This request comes with mixed emotions.  We value our opportunity to be present with you in-person each year.  However, it is also our responsibility to care for and support our community.


E W Moore & Company, Accounting & Tax Service Core Values

Service – Serving each other, our clients, and our neighbors to the best of our ability with warm professionalism

Community – Caring, supporting, and loving each other, our clients, and our neighbors

Presence – Respecting, listening, and engaging without distraction to each other, our clients, and our neighbors